Celestial Network

Welcome to Celestial Network's buycraft page! Here you are able to support the server by purchasing different ranks and packages to help you out in game. Donating to our server helps us pay for the server to keep it online, fund new development of future features, maintain our current facilities, and attract more players through advertising campaigns.


It is very important that you enter your Minecraft username EXACTLY, If spelling is not correct there will be problems processing your purchase!

Also remember your donation normally can take up to 9 minutes to process and you MUST be online inorder to recieve anything ingame!

If you have not recived you donation after an hour there may have been a problem with the spelling, if this happens you can contact an admin explaining what happens so we can help you. (please, do not contact mojang or buycraft)


After you have purchased your rank or package, you can NOT refund your order. We have a strict no refund policy and if you dispute the payment you will be IPBANNED from the server and the website!